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  • 19 julio, 2016

3 Million people are on Internet everyday


The 2.0 era has revolutionized many business sectors aware of recent years, the literary world to finance through education, medicine, and especially real estate. Daily over 3,000 million users surf on the internet, ie, almost half of the world population seeking information, promotions and commercial proposals. Seeing the benefits offered by the network, it has become a successful business because it is a tool that can reach hundreds or thousands of people and property sector has benefited from this phenomenon. In this regard the web is a major player through its various sites, search engines and social media. Considering that 41% of the global population is an active internet user and that “real estate” is the second most sought after area on the internet every horizon professionals had better adapt to follow the technology and race meet the growing demand of virtual client. Is the world of real estate has managed to make the transfer?


Publish it on Internet

Publish it on Internet


Real estate portals are intermediary platforms that facilitate constant communication between potential buyers and sellers, says Ignacio Acosta. Communication is safe because you can learn information that allows you to make sure honesty and commitment of those who are interested in your property.

In addition to the platforms and estate agents websites, the most active brokers on the web also offer their own website to clearly describe their services, advertise their promotions and view their properties and those of their colleagues. It is the seller’s advantage to work with an independent broker with a website because it not only enjoys high visibility, choosing the best photos of your property, but it also ensures to reach the majority of potential buyers from the beginning of their research . We must also ensure that the broker uses the technology to reach the largest possible number of visitors. Did you know that mobile research (cell) on five concerns property and the mobile web platforms traffic is booming? A successful real estate broker site consists of a good mobile accounts, a good positioning on the search engines, a real estate warning and mortgage calculation tools.

But there’s more! The independent real estate brokers have developed through the independent flagship site, NosAdresses, one reciprocity system that allows brokers with a website to display and share brokers other properties in the same business sector that them, allowing almost quadruple the visibility properties.

What are the benefits of displaying your property on the web?


  1. Savings and safety:

There are economic plans in real estate portals where you can post your property. Ignacio Acosta offers plans that you can sell your property easily and without complications. No need to pay any fees since this intermediary platform allows communicate directly with the prospective buyer or seller of the property. Also, through this innovative system your property is posted on different web portals simultaneously and the advantage is that access to properties that are available 24 hours.

Experts recommend that the houses or apartments that are promoted online are in good condition, the announcement is attractive with good quality pictures of your property and precise description to be much more effective at the time of the search.

Quality property photos

Quality photos of your property increase the appealing of your ad

Do without a broker to sell it pays off financially? In Spain, the cost of a real estate agency is very high (5 to 10% of the price of the rule). An individual who wishes to sell his house or apartment necessarily therefore questions the usefulness of an intermediary to sell its housing. The cost of a real estate agency will increase the purchase price of your property, which will make it less attractive to purchasers against other goods for sale. After various real estate appraisal, you get an idea of the market price for your property. An acquirer will look at the final price for it and no one will care not because it includes or not an agency fee. Sell without real estate agency so gives you the advantage of placing the price of your slightly down well while keeping your net selling price. This can often be more competitive with similar goods sold with agency and therefore to sell faster. This allows you to reduce the cost of your sale.


  1. Faster Sales:

Thanks to the ease of promoting a property online you can make potential buyers locate you quickly. So when publishing online a building will increase the possibility of getting involved and even immediate purchase and will be more with a outstanding ad of your property. This will expand the possibility that your property get more visits.

Most potential buyers initiates contact by mail or telephone, so it is important that you give the slope and track your ad. Ease of promoting a property online makes potential buyers locate you quickly. Another advantage is that when publishing online a property will increase the possibility of obtaining foreign potential buyers. This will broaden your spectrum sales and increase the chances that your property get more visits.


  1. Increased visibility of your ad

Another attribute of promoting real estate ads using the internet is that you can place your ad with photos, videos, geolocation, and other resources that are not allowed in print ads. You can display representative pictures for those who want to buy a property such as the environment, if you have a balcony, garden, terrace, among others.

Currently the owners looking to sell house quickly, so have an ad on a trusted site offers security to negotiate directly with the owner of the property.


  1. Direct contact with the buyer

Real estate portals are intermediary platforms that facilitate constant communication between potential buyers and sellers. Communication is safe because you can learn information that allows you to make sure honesty and commitment of those who are interested in your property.

Customers rely on real estate portals and real estate expert because they offer the certainty that identity documents and property have been reviewed by the company professionals carefully, which is not possible by other means of publication and a satisfactory transaction is guaranteed.

It is you who are doing the work of the realtor When the broker without being sold, it is for you to perform all the tasks that an agent would do: real estate advertisements, diagnostics, answer the phone or the mail , to visit your property, etc. It takes a lot of time and availability. These are elements to carefully consider before deciding to sell directly between individuals. The new means of communication such as the Internet have greatly facilitated some of these tasks. In particular there are hundreds of free real estate sitesYou can go to the realization of an Internet mini-site to present in detail your apartment or house for sale, etc. To make this work visibility (photos of your property, sign “for sale” ranking on Google, the presence of the best real estate sites, etc.) This returns you 10 to 20 times cheaper than the cost of real estate agency and spares you a difficult task for an individual.

Direct contact with your buyer

Direct contact with your buyer

This is a good compromise between the two solutions, you are no longer totally alone to sell your house or apartment. Sale by the owner or through a real estate agency? Finally, sale without estate agency allows to set a lower selling price without lowering its net selling price. This provides a significant advantage to find a buyer and sell quickly. Nevertheless, there needs to be time and availability to handle the sale and must be well informed of market prices to secure only its selling price. It is the notary formalizing the deed of sale and ensures that the transaction was made in the rules. Now, one does not exclude the other. If you entrust a mandate non-exclusive sale of one or more agents, you can also try to sell the owners. Also be aware that there are new services that are emerging and which offer wholesale charges to help you sell at a lower cost than the agency fees (management of your communication, real estate estimation services, etc. ).


  1. Use social networking

If you hire one of our plans we handle spread through Facebook and Twitter, where you can get several potential buyers. Twitter is a means of communication which is accessible to users of all kinds, among which can be found an interested in a property are promoting.

Interact with customers through new technologies implies a transformation of cyber culture. For many people is a major effort to adapt to these new forms of communication, but it is necessary to connect more with potential customers way.

Eye social networks do not sell but if they advertise, communicate, report and especially transmit information whose impact can be multiplied by the viral action of users who follow our publications. It is frecuent the use social networks as a promotional channel to popularize your ad and you get better results. Keep in mind that when there are 1.350 million active users on Facebook and 600 million on Twitter, where you can get several potential buyers.



A last advice for your sale…

Not to overestimate the price of your house or apartment. A realtor should normally well know the prices in your area for this type of property. It therefore has valuable information you will have less access if you sell without agency. However there are other ways to obtain good estimates for your property. The biggest risk you take as a seller is wrong fix the sale price of your property. It is rare to set too low a sales price, the owners sellers tend to be too greedy with respect to market and competitive properties.

To guard against this risk, take the time to assess your apartment or house. You will then be very attentive to all information received during the first visits. Many signs allow to rectify, provided listen: If you do not receive a visit: it is a problem between what you offer and the asking price. Is the presentation of your property is not detailed enough and well enough developed, is the asking price is too high. A good real estate ad writing and beautiful pictures on your real estate are essential. Repeat a study of prices in this type of property and reassess the asking price.

If you receive visits but no sale offer: your home or apartment is not considered attractive enough compared to the asking price. Either there is a major problem with your property that scares away buyers (big jobs, major drawbacks as close to a highway, a railway line or airport). Either the price is so high that buyers do not dare too low proposal and prefer to abstain. You only receive very low propositions: if you receive multiple proposals much lower than the asking price is that buyers are not willing to put more for the purchase of your property and therefore there are risks overestimation of the cost.



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